Saturday, May 14, 2005

Piece, the Third; Phony Arabs

So far, we have clearly established motive, using both an historical context and a particular nexus involving the Israeli-Americans infesting the highest reaches of the illegal Administration of the bushbrain. They left a very clear record of their intent. We have also shown categorically that plenty of people knew beforehand what the intentions of these madmen were and cashed in on it. While I tend to go with the Israeli citizens-dunnit, even if that is refuted, we know it wasn’t Arabs. And now the issue of means takes center stage in the form of a questioner, and on one side we have al CIAduh representing the Arabs, and on the other, assorted Mossad/CIA/MI5 assets. Behind the furtive-acting Arabs is a large poster of bin Laden, and behind the spooks, a huge photo of Cheney and Sharon looking lovingly at one another in front of an Israeli flag.

A small digression is in order at this juncture, however. This background is the key to the operational part of the set-up of the fictional Arab flight students, who are all no doubt in Israel, or other foreign lands stirring up more trouble. This is quoted from someone who prefers to remain anonymous, and I suspect that he or she is a deep insider, or at least once was, and has too much to lose by going public. But the facts should speak for themselves. (I will post a link to the whole article when I find out where it is lurking.)

“ In February of 2000, Indian intelligence officials detained 11 members of what they thought was an Al Qaeda hijacking conspiracy. It was then discovered that these 11 "Muslim preachers" were all Israeli nationals! India’s leading weekly magazine, The Week, reported:

On January 12 Indian intelligence officials in Calcutta detained 11 foreign nationals for interrogation before they were to board a Dhaka-bound Bangladesh Biman flight. They were detained on the suspicion of being hijackers. "But we realized that they were tabliqis (Islamic preachers), so we let them go", said an Intelligence official.

The eleven had Israeli passports but were believed to be Afghan nationals who had spent a while in Iran. Indian intelligence officials, too, were surprised by the nationality profile of the eleven. "They say that they have been on tabligh (preaching Islam) in India for two months. But they are Israeli nationals from the West Bank," said a Central Intelligence official. He claimed that Tel Aviv "exerted considerable pressure" on Delhi to secure their release. "It appeared that they could be working for a sensitive organization in Israel and were on a mission to Bangladesh," the official said. 29 (emphasis added.)

What were these 11 Israelis doing trying to impersonate Al Qaeda men? Infiltrating?...perhaps. Framing?...more likely. But the important precedent to understand is this: Israeli agents were once caught red handed impersonating Muslim hijackers!

This event becomes even more mind boggling when we learn that it was Indian Intelligence that helped the US to so quickly identify the "19 hijackers"! On April 3, 2002, Express India, quoting the Press Trust of India, revealed:

Washington, April 3: Indian intelligence agencies helped the US to identify the hijackers who carried out the deadly September 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, a media report said here on Wednesday. 30

Ain't that a kick in the ass?!! Did you catch that? The Indian intelligence officials that were duped into mistaking Israeli agents for Al Qaeda hijackers back in 2000, were the very same clowns telling the FBI who it was that hijacked the 9-11 planes! Keep in mind that Indian intelligence has an extremely close working relationship with Israel’s Mossad because both governments hate the Muslim nation of Pakistan. 31

The clear implication of this of course, is that those furtive fellows in the robes on the left are probably Mossad agents, and ones just like them were the “Arabs” that went around the country using stolen passports establishing a trail a mile wide pointing to men with Arab names! This theory is clearly supported by the following further excerpt:

“The London Daily Telegraph reported on September 16, 2001:

"The Telegraph has learned that two senior experts with Mossad, the Israeli military intelligence service, were sent to Washington in August to alert the FBI and CIA to the existence of a cell of as many as 200 terrorists said to be preparing a big operation. They had no specific information about what was being planned but linked the plot to Osama Bin Laden and told American officials that there were strong grounds for suspecting Iraqi involvement."

Do you smell a "false flag" operation in the works? How is possible that the Mossad knew of the existence of these 200 terrorists but could not name or locate a single one? And how convenient for Israel that Saddam Hussein should be in cahoots with Osama Bin Laden, despite the fact that Bin Laden and Hussein hate each other!”

Don’t those guys in black think of everything? I mean they figured out how to serve up an excuse to take out Israel’s worst enemy and to open the way for US interests to wrest the Afghan pipeline deal from their competitors, without a bid, of course. Israel would settle for a restoration of a pipeline from the Arab oil fields through Jordan to Haifa, as they enjoyed in the days of the Shah of Iran, yet another CIA plant.

Now back to our fictive 911 Game Show, as it were. But just for the sake of a useful comparison, lets whisk the Israeli agents in robes off the stage and replace them with the real thing, such as the men whose identities were stolen and claimed to be the hijackers who perished in carrying out their operation noir. We see here that they are clearly alive, and that the official narrative has not been amended to reflect that fact.

The idea of hijacking two flights out of Boston to hit targets in NYC is clearly ludicrous when one realizes US airspace; particularly in the Northeastern corridors are by far the most heavily guarded flight lines in the world. The number of Mach speed capable fighters set to scramble at any given hour in sprinting range of the carefully calculated flight path is no doubt well into three figures — but only one would be required to deal with each hijacked aircraft. These aren’t very smart odds for people who are supposedly fiendishly brilliant. Consider the proximity of JFK and LaGuardia to the targets, and the odds improve dramatically.

Let us return to anonymous to recount the startling gap between the routine performances, (over 100 times per year, on average) of NORAD on any given day to that of nine-eleven.

“On October 26, 1999, the famous golfer Payne Stewart boarded a private Learjet in Florida and left for Texas. Shortly after takeoff, Stewart's jet veered sharply off course and began heading northwest. All contact with air controllers was lost. Within 15 minutes of having gone off course, US fighter jets had already intercepted the jet. Everyone on board was likely dead due to depressurization. These fighter jets were dispatched by NORAD, the branch of the US air force whose job it is to monitor and defend US airspace 24 hours a day. NORAD maintains a huge array of land-based radar systems, and has fighter jets on alert 24 hours a day so that they can respond to a crisis. The jets escorted the doomed airplane until another group of Air National Guard jets took over the escort mission. Finally, Stewart's jet ran out of fuel a crashed in South Dakota. The quick reaction time and military precision with which NORAD intercepted and escorted Stewart's jet was impressive, and exactly what one would have expected from the greatest military power in world history. 41

But on 9-11, the same NORAD which had so effortlessly intercepted Stewart's jet in 1999, was nowhere to be found during that two hour period between the first planes going off course and the last one crashing in a Pennsylvania field! How is it possible that the airspace between Boston and Washington DC, an area which contains the political and economic heart of the nation, was left completely defenseless? The second plane to hit the New York had flown off course without communication for 40 minutes. On its way to New York, it actually flew within a few miles of McGuire Air Force base in New Jersey, after the first tower had already been hit!

And how is it possible that Washington DC was left undefended (long after the New York attacks) when Andrews Air Force base is within car driving distance?

The air force jets which did finally arrive were too late. Was this due to NORAD's incompetence, or was the order to scramble the fighter jets deliberately delayed so that the terror attacks could take place. Given NORAD's impressive performance in the 1999 Payne Stewart disaster, this would suggest that someone high up in the Air Force establishment may have issued stand down orders to some of our Air Force bases. Remember, the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board is headed by Zionist Richard Perle and his gang of warmongering lackeys. 42 The civilians on this board wield the power to promote career minded Generals and Admirals. Is it really that hard to believe that a highly placed military leader could have collaborated with the true 9-11 planners?

What makes the Air Force's slow response even more outrageous and suspicious is that previously mentioned Newsweek article which revealed that several Pentagon leaders (Defense Policy Board?) cancelled flight plans for September 11 due to security concerns. 43 There were other warning signals too which we’re reviewed earlier. In light of all these warnings, why wasn’t NORAD and it's armada of fighters placed on an even higher alert than they already are? There is only one logical answer to these questions: Certain Pentagon leaders were "in on it".

General Hamid Gul, a former Director of Pakistani Intelligence, hit the nail on the head with his analysis:

"The attacks against New York and Washington were Israeli engineered."

"The attacks started at 8:45, and four flights are diverted from their assigned air space and no Air Force fighter jets scramble until 10:00. Radars are jammed, transponders fail and no IFF - friend or foe identification - challenge. In Pakistan, if there is no response to an IFF, jets are instantly scrambled. This was clearly an inside job. Will this also be hushed up in the investigation, like the Kennedy assassination?" 44

This raises another troubling set of questions. Surely the masterminds of the 9-11 operation would have taken the time to learn something about US air defense procedures. They would therefore have realized that hitting New York City with jets hijacked from Boston would have been difficult. New York is about 30 minutes away by airplane, and jumbo jets fly very slowly when compared to US fighter jets that can crack the sound barrier. Even with a 15-20 minute head start, NORAD's jets could have easily intercepted them, especially the second plane, which took a longer route to New York and flew way off course for 40 minutes. Why choose Boston's airport and jeopardize the success of the operation? Wouldn't it be safer to just hijack planes from New York's Kennedy or La Guardia Airports? Or even Newark, NJ which is just across the river? Any plane hijacked from either of those three busy airports would have been unstoppable. Even a plane from Philadelphia's Airport would have been much closer to the target than far away Boston.

The planners were no dummies. They must have counted on receiving protective cover and a window of opportunity by someone high up at US Air command. Why else choose Boston?

In addition to the protection that the planners were to receive from certain Air Force elements, there is another plausible theory for choosing Boston's Logan Airport as well as United and American Airlines planes. It should be noted that the firm which provides security at Boston's Logan Airport and also Newark Airport, and also works extensively with United and American Airlines, is a company called Huntleigh USA. 45 Claiming that Huntleigh USA's airport security was grossly negligent on 9-11, family members of some of the victims are suing Huntleigh. 46 Huntleigh USA had been acquired by ICTS International in 1999. ICTS is controlled by two Israelis; Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon. 47 In short, security at Boston's Logan airport was handled (or mishandled) by an Israeli controlled company.

So I now ask for a vote on the following questions: between the Arabs and the Israeli-US nexus who had the greater access to the kind of power to allow all of these incredible things to happen?

1. To get an agent, or agents, aboard the flights without corresponding names on the flight manifests.

2. To have access to enough control over NORAD to assure that fighters would not be scrambled in time to abort the operation.

3. To have the actions, or rather inactions, of the FAA and NORAD “investigated” and found to be negligent, but for no individuals to be fired or even reprimanded.

Later, and I mean much later, we get some semi-official information that states that the real reason for these failures were because the FAA and NORAD were confused by the fact that five different terrorist/war drills were transpiring on the very morning of nine-eleven. Their implication is that bin Laden and the boys used the exercises as cover…but how did they find out about them? This fallback is reminiscent of the roll back of excuses for invading in a most Naziesque way, Afghanistan and Iraq, both planned well before nine-eleven, an unimpeachable fact that has been widely reported by insiders. It’s a long way from “mushroom clouds over an American city” to “liberating the Iraqis”.


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