Friday, May 13, 2005

Piece, the Second; The Mysterious “Put” Options

Precisely what is mysterious, and I believe agonizingly telling is that this is still a mystery at all. In fact, if you have access to one of several databases, a few strokes of the keys would reveal all. But it takes a hefty security clearance to get in there, and so far those who have done so are not saying a word.

For the uninitiated, a “put” option is a reverse investment, so to speak, in that the bet is that the share price will drop! These are considered rather risky in the stock trade, but if one knows something very bad is going to happen to, say, American Airlines, and this “investor” was a conscienceless bottom-dweller, one would not call the authorities, but would place put options on the stock. Well, it is now pretty certain that not only is the bottom of the barrel swarming with odious creatures, but that the bunch that placed very heavy put options on a list of 38 stocks in the three days preceding nine-eleven have been found to be Israeli citizens.

While there is the obvious finger of foreknowledge pointing at whoever these, as yet unrevealed Israeli citizens are, there is an even more frightening aspect to consider. A variety of alphabet agencies concerned with intelligence and stock fraud constantly monitor share trading worldwide to ferret out unusual bursts of trades that would point to, say, a terrorist attack. A careful reading of the linked article shows that these activities, like US air defenses, are not seat-of-the-pants operations. They have rigid guidelines for what to look for and when and how to react.

So bells had to be ringing as the sophisticated PROMIS software detected and revealed these unexplainable trades, but nothing happened! Worse, when investigations were launched after the fact, we are told little of substance other than the nationality of the buzzards, and that “most of these transactions were handled primarily by Deutsche Bank-A.B.Brown, a firm which until 1998 was chaired by A. B."Buzzy" Krongard, who later became executive director of the CIA.”

Well, these aren’t paltry pieces of information, but the fact that these matters fell off the msm radar as soon as the trades could not be linked to Arabs, in general, or al CIAduh, in specific is heavily symptomatic of a much larger pattern of deception. Then later, when a most reluctant WH “allowed” a 911 commission to form, what did those tireless sleuths uncover regarding these trades?

“The Kean Commission report, in attempting to dismiss these stories via its classic device of a footnote, concentrates solely on the spikes in put options on United Airlines and American Airlines in the week before the attacks. It states that the spike in sales of puts on one airline is attributable to the hedging strategy of an "institutional" trader with no visible connections to al-Qaeda; whereas the other spike resulted from a recommendation to sell short on airlines in a subscription-only fax newsletter. The report declines to wonder whether the writers of this unidentified newsletter may have received tips or information ultimately based on prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, and so the investigation apparently died there. The reasoning also seems to suggest that only al-Qaeda members could have advance knowledge of the attacks. The traders have no "conceivable connection al-Qaeda, hence it is impossible they had advance knowledge. (Of course, this rhetorical maneuver is much easier to pull off if the report simply ignores all of the other evidence of prior knowledge beyond the members of the network it identifies as al-Qaeda.)
There is no indication the Commission pursued reports that in the case of one trade, the buyer of put options left a $2.5 million profit uncollected for many weeks, with no report at this time as to whether it was ever collected.”

So put your heads together folks and plug it into the official narrative. Piece, the First was admittedly only context, but this item begins to strike at the heart of the beast we call nine-eleven.


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