Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hello World!

Greetings to all and right off I'd like to thank my gracious hosts here at blogspot. Perhaps the first order of business is to explain my reasons for having the temerity to take up the full body contact sport of blogging. Like most who inhabit the blogosphere, I am frustrated by the Silence of the Lambs, which would, of course, be the mainstream media, hereafter msm, and that because we have now an alternative, those of us who have a predilection for reading and writing need to step up to the plate and make a few swings. I have spent the last three years staring at this tube and peering down the wire into worlds unknown to me previously, and I have interacted with it. Any article I read that I feel warrants a reply gets one if the author posts his or her contact. And I must say I have gotten many interesting responses in return, not to mention several new e-pals.

There has been an interesting progression of sites I regularly visit, and one of the things I noticed about that is how one can go from a daily to a rarely, then to a never at all. As I analyze the sites that have made the cycle, they have a commonality in that they never get outside the perimeter that they establish up front. Taking Josh Marshall as an example; notice how he is so hopelessly warped by the static contours of the Democratic Party, ever returning to the implication that if we would just elect more Democrats everything will be just fine. I have news for the boy . . . he's been in Washington way too long. It is pretty clear by now that there is only an illusory difference between the asses and the elephants, and the title of a 1998 book illustrates my point beautifully: Surrender; How The Clinton Administration Completed the Reagan Revolution. That business with Monica? Ha, that was a grand charade to make it seem like the elephants hated him. Nowadays, practically every picture of Clinton that appears has GHWB right at his side, and it looks like they're about to share a big hug, if not go French!

So we can dispense with politics as usual. At this point in time I believe two adages are worth trotting out; power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and desperate times require desperate measures. That the Federal Government is now in possession of both the will and the means to force the twisted adgenda of an unelected psychopath down the throats of all persons and institutions , foreign or domestic, is proof of the first dictum. That that same Federal Government is running a vast con to finance their wholly unconstitutional forays into the soverignty of other nations and the rights we seem to be relinqushing daily is merely icing on the cake. The attacks both undertaken and planned are primarily to prop up this Ponzi scheme which is utterly dependent on oil being denominated in US dollars. When that support fails, our dear Uncle Sam will not be able to print dollars willy-nilly and have them float a ludicrous debt and spending spiral that has no precedence in history. Because the oil producing nations are largely in the thrall of Washington, they are forced to sell their precious ooze for dollars and then reinvest them in US assets to keep those dollars from collapsing. Saddam's great sin was to convert to Euros. Now one of his body doubles sits in a hoosgow while he lives in luxury in Riyadh, or someplace. Oh, you say, surely that's the real Saddam! Right. Then again, look at the teeth. They didn't even bother to fix the stand-ins peasant mouth to the standards of dentistry as practiced on the real thing. But the important thing here is that not only is Iran threatening to convert their considerable energy sales to Euros, they have the unmitigated gall to plan an alternative Bourse to those in New York and London.

So, yeah, we toppled Saddam for the oil and to protect the real powers that be in Washington, which is Israel, but the real reason is to maintain the dollar as the world reserve currency. If that goes, the US economy collapses and takes most of the world into a deep depression. So, the raging psychopaths are desperate to maintain the "lone superpower" illusion when the accountants could tell them we are stone broke, but neither is anyone asking, or listening to those bean counters in the "reality based community". Can you spell ENRON?

As for the second ditty, if this state of affairs doesn't qualify as desperate times, you've been watching too much reality TV and believing it's really real. Or weally weal, as a certain well-known broadcaster would say. Cutting to the chase, as I will ever endeavor to do, it's high time the states euthanize our derelict Uncle, and return to the days of a Jeffersonian system where the Federal Government is wholly dependent on the states, not individual citizens, for its revenue and its authority. We could just turn DC into a giant amusement park and all the federal buildings could be turned into to permanent exhibits on what not to allow the replacement government to do. I nominate someplace like Nome, Alaska or Death Valley, California for the new home of the national entity. That would guarantee a lean and mean Fed, you can be sure.

Okay, that will do for an introduction. I've got to go give my girls some nice, fresh chicken necks and have a little bite for my own howling mid-section. Oh, those aren't people girls, they're an Irish Terrier and an Airedale. When I get the hang of all the cool features of this software, you can be sure I'll post some photos of them, but I promise not to bore, okay?


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